The Flute’s Role in Zelda 2: Side Quests and Fast Travel

The Flute in Zelda 2

The Flute is a musical instrument used to summon a duck that transports Link to certain locations in the game. It can also be used to open up heart containers and Secret Money areas in the second quest.

Players can obtain the flute by presenting 10 Sunset Fireflies to Pyper at Highland Stable. Once the player does so, the statue bird shatters, revealing a real bird inside that can be played to warp to different locations in Hyrule.

The Flute Player’s Plan

One of the more heartwarming side quests in Tears of the Kingdom, The Flute Player’s Plan is a simple task that sees Link help a flute player impress his cheery little friend. To start this quest, Link should head to Outskirt Stable, southwest of Lookout Landing, and speak to the conductor Mastro. He’ll explain that their flute player, Pyper, has gone missing. One of the stablehands will suggest that he may have accompanied his little sister to Highland Stable in the southeast.

Warp to Highland Stable in Faron Grasslands and you’ll find Pyper hiding up in a tree near the stable, playing his flute. Speak with him to start the quest, and he’ll ask you for ten Sunset Fireflies. Once you’ve collected them, hand them over to him, and he’ll instruct you to bring Haite to his tree at night to see it glow. Do so, and you’ll have completed this quest. You’ll also receive a Big Hearty Truffle, which fully heals hearts and opens up a heart container in the game.

The Flute Boy

When Link first meets the Flute Boy in the Light World, he hears him play his flute in a grove. The animals flock to the apparition, but they disappear as soon as Link gets too close. This boy is shown to be a very kind person who cares about nature and the animals in it, similar to Gulley from A Link Between Worlds.

In ALTTP, players can find the Flute Boy in the Pgos Woods area located north of Highland Stable. He asks Link to get him 10 Sunset Fireflies. Upon completing this task, he rewards Link with a Big Hearty Truffle, which fully heals the player, and also adds yellow hearts when cooked into food.

The Flute Boy will then go back to the grove in the Light World where he plays his flute for the animals. He will then tell Link where he buried his instrument and that he would like to see it played one more time before he dies.

The Flute in the Light World

One of the most interesting side quests in Tears of the Kingdom involves a flute player who can be found all the way down at Highland Stable Well in Faron Grasslands. The flute player, who is named Pyper, has a quest for Link that is required to serenade Kaysa in the Great Fairy Quest.

When Link gives him the Flute, Pyper reveals that he has been wandering into a parallel world similar to the Haunted Grove, and he asks for a favor – he wants to hear his father play his flute once more. If he doesn’t get that one more time, the Flute Boy will petrify into a tree in the Dark World.

Play the Flute in a grove to make a bird appear and fly you to a nearby location on the map. This unlocks a new fast-travel option in the game, which is available to use by simply playing the flute anywhere outside.

The Flute in the Dark World

The flute has a variety of uses in Zelda 2. It is one of the best weapons for reducing bosses in dungeons to make them easier to kill. It also opens up a number of “secret” money areas and heart containers.

The Flute Player was originally a boy from Kakariko Village who was warped to the Dark World. When Link visits him at the Light World’s equivalent of the Haunted Grove, he asks for help finding his flute which he has buried in the area. He then gives Link a shovel so he can dig it up.

When Link plays the flute in front of the Weathercock in the center of Kakariko village, the Flute Boy’s pet bird breaks out and flies away. From that point on, if Link plays the flute in the overworld of the Light World, the bird will fly him to one of eight locations. This is a great way to get around the map quickly.

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